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Folly of Cake Dropping Folly of Cake Dropping

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Honey, ... Im being held ... caaptive

he soldered my foreskin to a stunning buffet and hutch and left me for dead. please send a pruning saw or some snippets. if your not too busy leaving other shitty reviews. i dont know what your on about you unco. i haven't dropped a cake in my life

Morlonic responds:

Neither have I, chump, but I have left my body and entered the body of someone who dropped one and let me tell you:

it wasn't pleasant.

I should have entered the cake instead, come to think of it. That would have been much more interesting.


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(FW) Disco (FW) Disco

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Funked up

Man, this is a really great listen. I haven't been to this page for ages but this has got me listening again.
Is the guitar sampled? cause the chords are great. Some of the synths are a bit cheesy but overall the song travels nicely.
Love the disco strings that make an appearance too. The bass should lead into something more at the end, it leaves you hanging too much
Nice work.

wolf-tech responds:

Why thank kind sir. I made the guitar on the computer. Sadly i can't play guitar like that. I kinda thought the synths were a bit cheesy but the happy music fans will like it, and the bass leaving you hanging..... well i like to leave listeners hanging sometimes cuz i'm cool like that. thanks for the rev. ttyl

IQ-3000---Dark Sewers IQ-3000---Dark Sewers

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice sounds man

I like the synths you were using but I think some of the drums you were using didn't quite go together. That really fat kick you use goes with the first bass line but the snare doesn't match, it sounds like a live rock drum kit. maybe use the equiliser on it or something?
I like the simple second bass line over the top, maybe expand it out a little. Nice work anyways

The Voice of Reason The Voice of Reason

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh this is cool

Really nice song, awesome bass again. I think the xylophone really makes it stand out as something different, with the usual instruments supporting perfectly.
I didn't see the dnb drums coming in but when they did I could see they were always meant to. The melody is really solid but the production is top notch as well, sounds like something from a good drum n bass compilation. I like it

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sorohanro responds:

i kind of started that from the middle :p
so the dnb was from start, then i tought, well that need an introduction...something
so, thanx for the review and glad you like it